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The SUP or Paddle Surf is a sport totally accessible to everyone where you do not require any experience in any water sport!
Unlike what may seem, no physical form and balance is needed in particular to learn to paddle on an initiation Paddle Surf board.
Easy-fun relationship is great!

The sensations, the environment, and the field of vision standing on a SUP board in the water are unequaled.

You really need to try it!


The best brands in SUP equipment

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Cursos (low).jpg

1 HOUR: 16

1,5 HOURS: 20

2 HOURS: 25

TAULA SUP Individual

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Each equipment includes:

· Board

· Fiber paddle

· Leash

· Livevest

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Tandem (low).jpg

1 HOUR: 36€ (2 per)   +15€  (1 p +)

1,5 HOURS: 42€ (2 per)  +17€  (1 p +)

2 HOURS: 55€ (2 per)  +20€  (1 p +)

TAULA SUP Tandem (fins 3 pers)
Logo whatsapp_sense marc.png
Only available at our point in Torre Valentina (Sant Antoni de Calonge)
SPS Explorer+.png

The equipment includes:

· Board

· Fiber paddles

· Leash

· Livevests

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