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The Paddle Point is a company related rentals, beginner and advanced lessons, excursions and experiences of Stand Up Paddle, also known as SUP or Paddle Surf, along with leisure activities tailored to companies. In our main point at Torre Valentina beach (Sant Antoni de Calonge) we also offer the rental of sea kayaks.

We are located in two fixed Points of the Costa Brava, from where we offer our services. We also offer the possibility to take courses for groups in other places outside the summer season on demand. 
We are active all year round!

We are passionate about the sea and we love teaching and sharing our knowledge related to the Stand Up Paddle and the sea.
Our main objective is to have fun and learn, either on your own with our SUP equipment or with our lessons, excursions and experiences!

... always taking care of and respecting the sea and its surroundings.


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Manager / SUP instructor · ENS 1 , IOSUP Certificate

Linked to sports since childhood, he began to practice adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain bike in adolescence. The sea has always been a passion for him and it was a matter of time that he started playing sea sports.
He began to learn windsurfing and immediately became the sport he practiced most. This fact took him to Maui (Hawaii), the mecca of these types of sports. There he learned and became more evolved in windsurfing and began surfing. For the first time, he saw the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) or Paddle Surfing, which just started as a new sport and he was fascinated!
It was not until after a few years that SUP became popular in our country and where he could start practicing it, being stuck on it from the first moment.

From then on, he devoted his time to practicing and forming himself, first in SUP Surfing and then in SUP Race (competition modality).
He is a National Surfing Trainer level 1 (ENS1)
by the FESURF (Spanish Surf Federation) and Stand Up Paddle Instructor for the IOSUP (International Organization of Stand Up Paddle).
Linked to the world of competition in SUP Race, where he competes nationally and in some races of the European tour (Eurotour), he has been a champion of Catalonia in 2017 in Elite 12.6 category and 6th in Elite 14 in 2018.

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SUP instructor · IOSUP Certificate

First linked to the world of sea kayaking and then professionally sailing, he is a great navigator and connoisseur of the sea. He competed in light sailing at the state and European level, combining regional cruise regattas.
A few years ago he joined the Stand Up Paddle, starting in SUP Surfing and then in SUP Race, where he was trapped in this sport, spending all his free time, combining it with sailing cruises.
He is a Stand Up Paddle instructor for the IOSUP (International Organization of Stand Up Paddle).
Currently competing in SUP Race in some national and European competitions (Eurotour) and having fun in waves and SUP excursions.


Chris is an expert in marketing planning and started with us helping us evolve as a leisure services company.

Now he continues to guide us on how to make known The Paddle Point and our activities and experiences to be able to grow professionally in the best way.

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