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At our fixed points on the Costa Brava you can rent Surf Stand Up Paddle (SUP) equipment and kayak in some and you will enjoy services related to the SUP.
You can then see where to find us and enjoy these services.

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The Paddle Point - Sant Antoni de Calonge

We already have our new point open at Torre Valentina beach, right next to the Boca Dolça pizzeria and the Reimar Hotel where we were located until now.

You can enjoy Paddle Surf rentals, double and individual Kayaks, Paddle Surf tandem for 2 or 3 people, directed courses, excursions and experiences at The Paddle Point like SUP Yoga!

Everyone is welcome!

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In the elegant and charming Hostal SPA Empúries, at El Portitxol beach, next to the ruins of Empúries, you can find our The Paddle Point at L'Escala.
You can enjoy the rental of Paddle Surf and Kayak equipment, as well as our Paddle Surf excursions, experiences and lessons!
With an impressive spot, you can paddle in front of the Greek wharf or in front of beaches such as Rec del Molí.
It is not necessary to stay at the Hostal to enjoy the services we offer!
From the reception we will serve you as you need.

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