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If you see that you like this sport and want to continue improving, or you want to start competing in SUP Race or even learning how to surf waves with a paddle, we are here to help you to take a step forward!

We offer courses or private lessons for those who want to improve the paddle technique, ergonomics and positioning and avoid bad postures or injuries.


Advanced: We will review the paddle technique, we will show you the different types of paddling for different situations, ergonomics and positioning for paddling more and better.

SUP Race: We will focus more on the technique, efficiency and types of paddling, ergonomics and positioning. At the same time we will learn how to paddle in upwind, downwind, drafting, buoy turns and preparation and techniques for competition to go better and faster.

Surfing: We will show you how to start SUP Surfing. We will see the types of boards, position on the board and practice how to deal with the first waves, timing, ...


Private lessons:  45

2 - 3 people:   35  per person

4 + people:  30  per person

Duration: 1h 20min


Private course:  120

2 - 3 people:   90  per person

4 + people:  75€  person

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Duration: 3 Days

(1h 20min / day)

* Includes complete SUP equipment, life jacket, and lots of fun!

   If you have your own equipment, you can carry it.

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Call us or write us, and we will look for the best day to do the lessons

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